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November 2, 2017

Winter air has swept through our state earlier this year!  We sped through the light jacket days and are already seeing a high demand for warm outerwear in all sizes.  A few XXL and XXXL Adult Coats are very important for us to have on hand.

If you would like to help by donating any used, clean, warm winter coats, long johns, boots, snow pants, scarves, gloves or hats please give us a call!

Other items needed are boys clothing, plus size clothing, beds, small couches, small kitchen tables, blankets, can openers, coffee makers, and toasters.

It's always fun to see our supporters during the week!  We are thankful for you all!





September 11, 2017

On the anniversary of the tragic happenings of 2001 and recent storms in the south, we are reminded that we shouldn't take anything for granted!

One day, one event, one decision can change everything.

Reach & Restore was launched because Hurricane Katrina forced us to think about taking action to improve a life of a neighbor in need or transition. Once again, the situations we are seeing on tv and online this month are very hard to imagine. Fortunately, help is much more organized and efficient than in 2005.

Did you know that every day in our own city, people lose everything and struggle to get back on their feet?  Reach & Restore is dedicated to caring, assisting and providing hope in our area with your support.

Thank you for your mercy and compassion. We trust God will use us to provide here... and there.



June 2017

Our groups have started!

Mondays- by appointment- "Navigation" between 1-3pm    Talk one on one about goals and step by step how to reach them. -Led by social worker

Tuesdays- 10am-11:30am  Art Therapy - Led by an artist

Tuesdays- 1-3pm  Navigation- by appointment

Tuesdays- 3-4:30pm  on 3rd Tues. of each month- Learn interviewing tips, help with resumes etc.  Led by a job recruiter

Wednesdays- 9:30-10:30  Coffee Hour-  Come over and chill with a cup of coffee

Wednesdays- 10:30am -12 and 6:30-8pm  Women's Bible Study- same study, two time options

Thursdays- 2-3:30  Grief and Loss Group

Thursdays- 4-5pm  Women's Recovery Group

Thursdays- 6-7pm  Men's Recovery Group

Fridays- 9:30-10:30  Coffee Hour

Fridays- 11-1pm  By Appointment-  Men's Clipper Haircuts

Fridays- 1-2:30  Men's Bible Study

Thank you to our volunteer leaders who have dedicated their time to make these first groups available!  We have already seen healing and restoration!

ALSO.. For our community,  a "Financial Peace Class" (Dave Ramsey) will be held at R&R, Tuesday evenings, 6:30-8pm for 9 weeks beginning July 11.  Limited space so call for more info today! 952-933-1393






May 2017

Volunteers have been busy working on preparing our expansion area for our groups!  It has been a huge task and we are so grateful for the many hours and the support. Special thanks to Ridgewood Church in Minnetonka for their special financial gift that has helped with the project material costs!

Last week, a Grief Support Group and Women's Bible Study launched.  This week we'll have a Job Interview Workshop and Women's and Men's Recovery Groups, Men's Haircuts and Men's Bible Study begin!  Next week we will see Art Therapy take off.  As we firm up our schedule, we will post changes. We need you to call if you have interest in these things so we can plan ahead.

In July, a volunteer will lead and we will host a Financial Peace Class designed by Dave Ramsey, for the community.  A nine session gathering to learn how to take control of your finances, get out of debt and plan for your future. There will be limited spots and there is a cost for a material kit. Please call for more info.

As this has been shaping, we know that there have been many supporters praying.  What an incredible gift. Thank you.

Our phone is ringing more than ever and we are doing our best to serve as many as we can. Everything from folks taking in foster children to a recently housed veteran with an empty apartment.  Never a dull moment when God is at work around us and through us.


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