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July 8, 2018

It seems there is always news to share.

The most wonderful news is that the gentleman who was mourning the loss of his brother who was killed in Chicago stopped into R&R and told us his cancer is GONE! The doctors had given him 6-8 months when he was diagnosed.  Prayers for healing were answered and we thanked God together.  He also decided to move to be with family out of state and was wanting to say thank you to all at Reach & Restore before he went. We cried a little together and hugged goodbye- for now.

We have other clients who are struggling with cancer and other health challenges who would love to have your prayer support. Health is one area of life that can turn everything else upside down.  Weight gain, weight loss, limited mobility, mental instability are all reasons someone might need help from Reach & Restore.  At a recent appointment, a woman needed a stool and a reaching/grabbing stick. It was so much fun to find those items in our warehouse and see the excitement on her face! Her life just got a little relief because of your involvement.

Another woman dropped off a card to us after getting help replacing her bedding, linens and clothing from a bed bug invasion. It said, "This has been a nightmare. Thank you for putting a smile back on my face. I believe in God and you are my angels."

After losing one my own college friends last week from a quick 3 month fight with pancreatic cancer I am preparing my mind for the funeral and grieving what was lost and remembering what matters and lasts.  The only hope we have is eternal.  Reach & Restore is all about demonstrating that.

If you are grieving a loss, we'd love you have you join our small grief and loss support group on Thursdays at 2pm.  Give us a call if you plan on coming.


May 15, 2018

It was an interesting day full of emotions!

We learned a client who received clothing a few weeks ago for an interview got a full time temp job- on top of another part time job. An answer to prayer that will meet her financial needs for a while.

A woman stopped in before leaving for the west coast who we had connected with a few months ago while she was at a shelter. She is on a life changing journey and it was no coincidence that she came back before her move.  We had a beautiful discussion about her past and how God had brought her through so many things including a divorce and is teaching her to live on the bare minimum instead of a material world. She shared that she is happier than she has ever been because she has faith and trust in God which is all making sense now.  Our job coach met with her before she left for the Amtrak station and we hope to hear from her as she settles in another place.

A man who is battling cancer stopped in for support because his brother was robbed, shot and killed in Chicago and he is planning to get to the funeral this weekend. He has shared his life struggles with us and we have been able to provide a variety of basic needs along the way.

A case worker walked in with a bunch of donation items and also asked if we had a car seat and bassinette for a homeless client.

A grandmother came for birthday presents for her 4 year old granddaughter she cares for.

Another woman picked up her household things for her new apartment. Tonight she will be able to make a meal and eat with dishes again.

Two kids and a mom came for clothing who are living at a shelter. The kids were saying they missed certain things and kept asking for toys. The boy was very bright and so excited about a wood truck.  He was going to paint it and was in heaven. Little things can mean so much. These helps will relieve the mom and give the kids a way to express themselves.

A man who is recovering from a stroke got many items and we heard him say "this is great!" while choosing his clothing.

We are so grateful to serve our community and be a support for those in good times and hard times!  God provides through you!  Thank you from us and all of our friends.






May 1, 2018

A special thanks to the crew from Delta Dental and our volunteers for helping us do some spring tasks and cleaning last week!  It was a very productive day!  We have hung up the shorts and the weather has caught up.

We are also pleased one of our clients is now out of a motel and into an apartment after months of waiting.  Another family finally got into a shelter from being homeless and can focus on working for a while.

Reach & Restore is in need of a volunteer to help us get information out about our group offerings. Please give us a call if you are interested!

Life Coaching

Art Therapy

Job Search Counseling/Tips

Bible Study

Grief & Loss Group





March 2018

Where is this year going?  Where are pots and pans, socks and jeans going?  Out our door!

Here are some of our current needs:

Pots and Pans, Kitchen Utensils, Can openers, Mixing bowls, Drinking Glasses, Microwaves (not older than 7 years), Coffee makers

Men's Jeans, Socks and Underwear for men and women, large/XL Bras, and Socks and small Underwear for boys

Adult Male Bike -in safe working order

Lamps and End Tables

Small Kitchen Tables

TV Trays

DVD Players

Clocks/Clock Radios

Items can be dropped off at our Hopkins address during our open hours.

We could also use your help letting people in the community know about our other offerings.  They are available to anyone who needs them.  ALL FREE!

LIFE COACH   Call for setting up appointment

ART THERAPY     Tuesdays 10am-11:30

THIRD THURSDAYS -JOB Search Tips/Skills  3pm  By Appointment

WOMEN'S BIBLE STUDY  Wednesdays  10:30 and 6:30

GRIEF GROUP   Thursdays  2-3:30

WOMENS RECOVERY (hurts, habits, addiction- anything)  Thursdays 4-5pm

MEN'S Bible Study and Recovery Group-  Contact us for info

HAIRCUTS- by appointment (for clients)


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