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April 14, 2007

This week was full of surprises. Thank you Lord!

We saw God's timing unfold and bring us to giggles. While picking up a donation, there was a new dehumidifier in the hallway which reminded us of the need for one in the storage room.  After mentioning this need to another crew member, she said "what's that over there in the corner?" 

It was a dehumidifier in the donation pile!  It was taken to the storage area and we'll see it plugged in this coming week.

While trying to find help for that delivery to storage another call came in for a couch donation that was suppose to be picked up by the next day also.  A bit of stress coordinating two things for one night... so a contact to a partner church was called. They were asked if they had anyone who needed a couch. "YES, we do!"  Thank you Lord!  That was resolved for the time being. The family was able to keep it for pick up a few days later. 

An R&R woman passed her driver's test and now qualifies for a "Wheels To Work" vehicle!   

While the couch was being picked up, we were asked if anyone needed a car.  There may be a car donation for a different R&R family that is using the bus at wee hours of the morning to get to work.! 

Reconnected with a few R&R families. One of which was a Katrina family who moved back down to LA last year to get their house in order. Their kitchen is still not functioning. They are waiting for specific aide money to come about. They are in great spirits though and are working.

Learned of a family who had a house fire in our area. They are one of three families who are "homeless" and we are trying to find housing leads for. Please pray for them!

Also pray for a new 13 year old mother and her family. Her dad has terminal cancer and so life is sure turned upside down for all involved.  R&R is not directly connecting but will be sending diapers and clothing for the baby via a friend of the family. They need our prayers!



April 6, 2007

Wonderful news. A family with teen girls from our church has been connected with a referred R&R family to babysit.The wife/mom of the family in need has cancer and the parents wished for time alone together. Please pray for their salvation and peace. 

Praise-a Life Preserver and swimmer have reconnected via the phone this week. We pray that they can talk again tonight and possibly meet this weekend in person.  

Another R&R family needs car repairs done. Please pray that we can find someone to work on it for the cost of parts. 



April 5, 2007

Just received a call that another R&R person has been hired. This is fabulous news as depression was really taking a toll and affecting their family. Praise God and thank you to all who were praying.

Had a tour of the new food shelf facilities. Highly recommended.

Searching for a Women's Bible Study Support Group Leader. Please pray for the right fit and that women will be excited to support this outreach opportunity! 

We were scheduled to move two families last weekend. One move fell through but we know why now. The Lord knows what's needed! A family who was moving their mom to an assisted living place donated much of her household items the day before!  A queen bed was needed for the next day and just so happened that was the size bed that was donated!  The rain stopped during both of these transactions!   Just the right delivery crew was on hand and God's angels spared one of our delivery teams from an accident which occurred right in front of them as they were leaving the apartment.  A connection was made during the move with a church in Minneapolis. Both pick up and deliveries had signs of God's provision, tears of thankfulness and praise and were huge witnesses of His love.  It is so much fun to serve Him! of our network churches received a donation of free storage space! 

A delivery was made to a single dad a week ago. He was connected with his area food shelf. 

We are searching for housing for 2 families right now.  

Please pray for this ministry. That the word will get out there-involvement will expand-

it's life changing God stuff! 

HE IS RISEN! Happy Easter! 


April 2, 2007

Didn't think we should update on April Fool's Day...

God really showed His hand in many things this past week.

Much of a large donation made on Friday, from a family who is putting their mom into assisted living, went to a R&R woman Saturday 

Please continue to pray for employment possibilities for our dear friends. It's tough out there!


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