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March 13, 2007

On Saturday, we saw two churches come together to help a R&R family move. The family was in tears when they saw their help arrive and said there was no way it could have been done with just the husband and wife. A surprise meal was delivered to the family Sunday night after the move was done and everyone was too tired and sore to do anything else. What a blessing! 

There are a few of our R&R friends that are going to job interviews today. Please pray that the meetings are positive experiences and provide possible job options.  

A few other R&R families are looking for housing. We're working on giving them some listings to check out. Please pray that there are answers by the end of the month!

Please pray for a new church connection that was made. A few women from this church are contacting a referral that was passed on to them. A family that needs them near their church. This could be a launching pad for R&R to begin in their church. Please pray for the ladies as they meet with the R&R swimmers-that unconditional love will pour over them.   

Right now we are searching for Life Preservers. There are a few families waiting for a call from us.  

If you, someone you know or a church body is interested in joining us in this ministry, please contact us via email and we will get back to you asap to answer any questions.  



March 4, 2007

Now that the snow has settled, we can all take in the sun. THE SONCool

Many things have happened since our last entry. Besides the move of our donations, God has been moving people. If only everyone could get a taste of what it is like to be God's helper here!

A dresser was provided for a swimmer who is having company this week. She has no family-grew up in foster care and was in tears over the mess in her room because of the lack of storage. It was a joy to deliver the help to her and she was blessed.

A single R&R mom was given chairs to go with her table. When they were dropped off we learned that she had just gotten out of the hospital from having a panic attack. She needed encouragement and a connection that day. Maybe that's why the chairs weren't gathered earlier with the table.? 

A R&R family was given food and gas assistance,  another was given a bed, transportation, and was moved into a better housing situation.  An R&R woman was walked through a panic moment of her furnace not working. The problem was resolved and she said "THANK YOU. I am so thankful for you." God uses us to comfort and persevere. 

Another R&R mom had a preschooler with a high fever and called for help. It was a night of heavy snow and she was stranded because her vehicle doesn't have working headlights. She had no Tylenol or thermometer.  Her Life Preserver brought over those items and brought relief to the family.

Tuesday, a church member called out of the blue and asked if anyone needed a humidifier. Normally, this is an item that isn't needed specifically. The next day, one of the R&R people (the one mentioned above) was moving and did NEED one!  God's timing is amazing. 

A family was referred to our church in a desperate search for housing. A person from our church happened to have a property in the area that housing was desired and is working with them-a lease was signed this past week! An answer to prayer for both parties and next weekend will be the move.

We were asked if R&R had a microwave on hand. A Life Preserver saw the need of his swimmer who is elderly and recently had a stroke, and is now homebound.  Because of our new storage area, we do have a microwave we can pass along to this person! Praise God! 

Please pray for employment, housing and more people to serve and be a witness to our community.


February 17th, 2007

We've got our storage key!  This week we began organizing for the move. Quite a job but it's going to be wonderful!  Please pray that some new crew members will come along to help with the upkeep at the storage space.

Two new Life Preservers are also needed. Please pray for the right matches for the swimmers to surface soon.  

Today our delivery crew will be bringing furniture to a woman and her daughter who have an empty apartment. They can't wait to call the place home!

Praise God for new connections and encouragement from God's Body.


February 15, 2007

God is awesome!

Yesterday was incredible!  Housing was found for one of our R&R persons. It was just to obvious that God was involved when the roommate to be and our friend sat down and got to know each other a bit. They had SO much in common it was funny!  The move will occur in 2 weeks.


We will be signing a 6 month lease and then evaluate from there if it's working out.  Today some of the crew will be buying bins and preparing a system for the new storage room.  We feel this space is also an opportunity to encourage the landlord who is putting his wife into hospice care this very week.  The family sure can use the rental money so this storage area seems to be a win win! THANKS LORD and Thank you support crew for all of your prayers related to this matter over the past YEAR!

Last night, 13 R&R kids were picked up for Wed. night church!  Hugs were received by the children which brought tears to the eyes!!!

We got permission to use a large bulletin board in our church foyer for posting news.  It's a trial run but a blessing!

Also, R&R may be used as an example in an upcoming  publication!  Stay tuned. 


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