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February 17th, 2007

We've got our storage key!  This week we began organizing for the move. Quite a job but it's going to be wonderful!  Please pray that some new crew members will come along to help with the upkeep at the storage space.

Two new Life Preservers are also needed. Please pray for the right matches for the swimmers to surface soon.  

Today our delivery crew will be bringing furniture to a woman and her daughter who have an empty apartment. They can't wait to call the place home!

Praise God for new connections and encouragement from God's Body.


February 15, 2007

God is awesome!

Yesterday was incredible!  Housing was found for one of our R&R persons. It was just to obvious that God was involved when the roommate to be and our friend sat down and got to know each other a bit. They had SO much in common it was funny!  The move will occur in 2 weeks.


We will be signing a 6 month lease and then evaluate from there if it's working out.  Today some of the crew will be buying bins and preparing a system for the new storage room.  We feel this space is also an opportunity to encourage the landlord who is putting his wife into hospice care this very week.  The family sure can use the rental money so this storage area seems to be a win win! THANKS LORD and Thank you support crew for all of your prayers related to this matter over the past YEAR!

Last night, 13 R&R kids were picked up for Wed. night church!  Hugs were received by the children which brought tears to the eyes!!!

We got permission to use a large bulletin board in our church foyer for posting news.  It's a trial run but a blessing!

Also, R&R may be used as an example in an upcoming  publication!  Stay tuned. 


February 12, 2007

A very encouraging day! 

Two new referrals from local food shelf. We have been trying to connect with since last year. The social worker who gave us the referrals is SO excited about R&R. She said she came across our brochure last week in a file and knew exactly who would be a good fit.  She also said she has been wanting to start some kind of program like R&R for quite a while but didn't know how and with her job at the food shelf, it would be almost impossible.  

A new Life Preserver will be meeting a different family which was referred last week, tomorrow.

As both are single parents, they have already begun talking about what support is near. The family wants to find a church and a single parent group as they are new to the area.  Please pray for this first face to face meeting. That Christ's unconditional love shines on this family.

This new Life Preserver has a goal of starting up a single parent group sometime this year. Pray that this becomes reality- there is such a need and there are plenty of R&R parents that could benefit!

This week we will be looking at a storage possibility. Please pray that an answer is clear.

A car was donated and we have the perfect match for it!  Praise God for this Blessing!!!

Please pray for employment for those eagerly seeking jobs. 


February 10, 2007

This week one of our R&R friends was transported to a few job interviews. They went fabulous and we are praying that one of them comes through this week.  It's hard to move when you are looking for work and don't have a car.  Not sure if it's better to move first or find work first when the temporary housing mate is not good!  Which would you do?

This week we look forward to helping a single mom and preschooler put donated items into their first apartment ever. They had been at a battered women's shelter before this and are starting from scratch.

One of the R&R family members has been asking a lot of spiritual questions as her mom just had a second heart attack this week. Please pray that she will grow closer to God through these tough days and that the R&R crew knows how to respond to the questions in a way that will draw rather than push. God is using us and growing us too!


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