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January 21, 2007

Many items of praise this week.

The most amazing quote:

"You don't know how much you are helping me out. You've been like a...(pause) lifesaver for me. Thank you so much. I haven't felt like this for years."  

Two R&R people asked us to be a reference for employment!

One R&R woman was assisted in opening a checking account. She had been paying the Western Union fees to cash her checks.  

Two R&R people had birthdays and no means to celebrate with so cakes were delivered by crew members.

A new referred family needed a 3x winter coat. We had one in storage! God knew it's destination and all were amazed.

Please pray for housing and the coordination of deliveries this week. Also continue to pray for storage and for us to continue to be used to serve others together as the Body of Christ. 


January 17, 2007

A wonderful thing happened this past week with one our new R&R people. This person has a technical skill(s) that may plug into church! In fact, because there was an invitation to use the skills at church, and a church person willing to be transportation, the person came last Sunday! Praise God! This person has had a lot of bad church experiences in the past and just told us today that there were no bad "fire and brimstone" feelings and is looking forward to coming back.  Please pray for healing of this heart and salvation for our new friend!  

There is also crisis in the lives of a few others we have come to know. Pray for employment and family resolve as well as opportunity to show God's mercy and love.

A few follow up calls have come back with news that things are going better/great since they received help from Reach & Restore.  

Please pray for more church involvement so we can continue serving Him together! 




January 11, 2007

Two new families were helped last weekend. Thank you to crew members who did a lot of legwork.

"I think I got the best night's sleep I've ever had last night. Thank you so much for the mattress! Who can I write a thank you to?"

"You don't know how much everything you've done has helped me. Thank you."

Quotes from last weekend. 


Please pray for peace, strength and endurance.

Please pray for the doctors that are diagnosing one of our R&R ladies' health issues. She may have to have surgery to remove cysts and do something to control her back pain. She is worried about how she will be able to make it through the recovery with her kids around (single mom of 5).  

A few others are looking for work.  Please pray that doors will be opening for them and that there remains to be motivation through the process.



January 7, 2007

What a blast to serve others!  

One of our new referrals needed a couch and we thought we had one being held for us. Turns out it was given away elsewhere-so we had to scramble for a replacement. We checked the internet and a couch and loveseat were just listed as available a half hour before. We inquired and didn't get a response. In the meantime, the response cards from another church were looked through and there was one  that had a note that they had a couch to donate! The note was made last fall though so it would be a miracle if the family still had it around. Sure enough, it was still around and had been cleaned since!  God had it figured out long ago. 

Here are some quotes from the past 48 hours.  

"I think I got the best night sleep I ever had last night! Thank you so much for the bed! I am getting a new perspective going through this. Thank you for everything you've done. I was always the kind of person to help other people but now I need help. Is there someone I can write a thank you note to?


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