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October 25, 2006

God provides!

The R&R person who is staying with a church family has been offered a job.  Please pray that a  transportation solution will be figured out.  It may mean moving closer to the job which will be a difficult housing search.  Spirits are high though.

The shingles that were donated for last weekend's project were exactly the right amount! God's work!

Two twin beds were donated/picked up yesterday for two families we will be helping start over next month.  A trailer became available to use during the day for this pick up.

A washing machine was found for another R&R family who has been without one for 3 weeks. It will be delivered later in the week.

A van driver has volunteered to pick up kids at the apartments for Wed. night programs!


October 21, 2006

This week has been a roller coaster ride! 

God has opened doors with new potential church connections. On Nov. 2, R&R is having an informational meeting with other Twin City area churches to share a larger vision for this ministry. Please pray that hearts and minds will be ready and excited to network!

Today a huge service project was tackled. Thanks to 5 gentlemen on the service crew, a family was blessed by their hard work and company. Praise God for a dry weather day too! Some of the materials for this project were donated which was a gift from above!

Searching for a loveseat, side chairs and kitchen table for one of our families. Thought we had found a washing machine for another one of our families-but someone beat us to it at the curb. In the meantime, the stinky washer has been shopvacced (is that how it's spelled?) out.

A few more referrals this week. Please pray for more Life Preservers to join in! 



October 12, 2006

The other night, the last 2 beds were delivered to the family who is starting over after losing their rental home to arson and robbery. One of the beds is a loft which is the only solution for the boys' narrow bedroom.

Today, we moved the Reach & Restore person out of a hotel room and temporarily into a home! Please pray for employment and peace. This was a huge step in the right direction! Praise God!

We are researching donation storage solutions for winter. Please continue to pray about this... it sure isn't cheap!

Tomorrow we will be giving beds to a new Reach & Restore family. They will also be needing some other items because the items they had were being borrowed and the owner is taking them away.


October 8, 2006

This week a family received the financial assistance from the county which we prayed for in order to move out of a shelter.  R & R delivered donated items to start them over in their new rental home.

A church member is opening up part of their home for an R&R person who will be making this temporary move in the upcoming week and searching for work. Please pray for this transition and that it may be a stepping stone towards a brighter future. 

An R&R family received support through a tough landlord situation. After prayer, peace was evident.


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