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December 27, 2016

Right before Christmas we receive calls from families who have missed toy drive sign ups and are looking for help with gifts for their children. At first you might wonder why someone would wait until the week before Christmas to ask for assistance.  Well, if you've never had to inquire about this before, the reality is that the cut off for signing up for most well known programs is weeks before this. Reach & Restore does not have a Christmas toy drive or program but has blessed people by surprise on occasion. Thank you to those who have brought joy to some folks this Christmas through Reach & Restore!  You have made them feel loved and remembered.

May the hope of Christmas last year round. At Reach & Restore we want to demonstrate this message each day! Please join us by supporting Reach & Restore with a year end donation or commit to a monthly gift that will help sustain and grow our mission into our community.


December 2, 2016

"I found work pants!"  a guest exclaimed as she brought her items to be bagged at the Reach & Restore clothing closet. " I am such a happy camper.  I have been looking everywhere for pants in my size and I found them here of all places!"

Another story of how we see God providing specific needs at Reach & Restore!

We just had a thank you lunch for our volunteers.  What a beautiful thing to see and hear how they are blessed by one another and what they do for others. I am so grateful for their sacrifice and dedication to Reach & Restore.  If you know one of them, please give them a hug.

Our newsletter is fresh off the press. Let us know if you would like one sent to you or someone else!

Ronda O.



November 23, 2016

Our many Reach & Restore guests want to make sure you know how thankful they are for your assistance!

We get hugs and encouragement from those you help us serve. You need to know you are appreciated so much!

"You bless us every time!"     Even social workers express their gratitude to you.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  Praise God!

Without Him...we can do nothing!


November 17, 2016

Dear Friends and Family,

You may have learned that today is Give to the Max Day. It is a tool many organizations use to raise funds. There are matching gifts through the program for many organizations which is amazing. We just want you to know we have not officially promoted this for Reach & Restore because of the high percentage taken out of each financial gift by Give to the Max. We understand there are fees with various online giving options but want you to be aware of our reason for taking a back seat today. Every gift we receive is a blessing and given with the intention that the amount given gets to the organization.

Thankful for you, your support and prayers,

R. Oliver



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