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May 2017

Volunteers have been busy working on preparing our expansion area for our groups!  It has been a huge task and we are so grateful for the many hours and the support. Special thanks to Ridgewood Church in Minnetonka for their special financial gift that has helped with the project material costs!

Last week, a Grief Support Group and Women's Bible Study launched.  This week we'll have a Job Interview Workshop and Women's and Men's Recovery Groups, Men's Haircuts and Men's Bible Study begin!  Next week we will see Art Therapy take off.  As we firm up our schedule, we will post changes. We need you to call if you have interest in these things so we can plan ahead.

In July, a volunteer will lead and we will host a Financial Peace Class designed by Dave Ramsey, for the community.  A nine session gathering to learn how to take control of your finances, get out of debt and plan for your future. There will be limited spots and there is a cost for a material kit. Please call for more info.

As this has been shaping, we know that there have been many supporters praying.  What an incredible gift. Thank you.

Our phone is ringing more than ever and we are doing our best to serve as many as we can. Everything from folks taking in foster children to a recently housed veteran with an empty apartment.  Never a dull moment when God is at work around us and through us.


March 2017

We have some exciting news!  After months of discussions, a survey and much prayer, Reach & Restore will be moving forward with a vision to expand.

In a few months we will be offering some helps in the form of small groups.  If you have interest in a certain kind of offering please let us know. We will be cleaning up some additional rooms next to our current space and finding leaders with skills and a passion to help others.  A few options we anticipate are mock interviews, a recovery group, grief group, budgeting help and parenting class.

We are needing some supplies to make the space inviting and volunteers that can invest some time in this project.

Reach & Restore will continue with normal operations as well.  At a recent appointment a woman was so moved by her time with us that she started walking out of the building without her bags. "I guess I was so touched by the prayer I forgot why I was here! Thank you so much."

Thank you for your support!


December 27, 2016

Right before Christmas we receive calls from families who have missed toy drive sign ups and are looking for help with gifts for their children. At first you might wonder why someone would wait until the week before Christmas to ask for assistance.  Well, if you've never had to inquire about this before, the reality is that the cut off for signing up for most well known programs is weeks before this. Reach & Restore does not have a Christmas toy drive or program but has blessed people by surprise on occasion. Thank you to those who have brought joy to some folks this Christmas through Reach & Restore!  You have made them feel loved and remembered.

May the hope of Christmas last year round. At Reach & Restore we want to demonstrate this message each day! Please join us by supporting Reach & Restore with a year end donation or commit to a monthly gift that will help sustain and grow our mission into our community.


December 2, 2016

"I found work pants!"  a guest exclaimed as she brought her items to be bagged at the Reach & Restore clothing closet. " I am such a happy camper.  I have been looking everywhere for pants in my size and I found them here of all places!"

Another story of how we see God providing specific needs at Reach & Restore!

We just had a thank you lunch for our volunteers.  What a beautiful thing to see and hear how they are blessed by one another and what they do for others. I am so grateful for their sacrifice and dedication to Reach & Restore.  If you know one of them, please give them a hug.

Our newsletter is fresh off the press. Let us know if you would like one sent to you or someone else!

Ronda O.



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