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August 2016

Back to school season is approaching and clothing is in higher demand for families right now. We have need for gym shoes, socks, underwear, and clothing for both boys and girls.  If you know someone else who has kids who are growing and don't know who to pass the clothing on to, please give them our number!

A mother said this when leaving the clothing closet today...

"My kids are going to be so happy. They were really concerned about what other kids would think when they go back to school. Thank you so much for your help!"

Thank you for your support and prayers for Reach & Restore!  God is meeting needs in many ways.



May 22, 2016

Something good is going on... when a catalytic converter is stolen from our delivery truck and our server gets hacked shortly after, we can only know that there is  a battle for our attention around here.  We know these distractions could pull us down but we are choosing to trust in the One who we live for and serve at Reach & Restore. Loving our neighbors is an adventure!

We are thankful to God for generous friends who helped us get back to normal.

Our most current needs are beds, towels, sheets, large blankets,  boy summer clothing and socks and underwear for all sizes/genders.


April 7, 2016

Just like the crazy weather that goes back and forth between blowing snow and sunshine, we have heard many sad stories of families grieving over lost loved ones and success stories of employment and keys to housing this month.   Thank you for supporting this outreach in various ways.  Each part plays a role in connecting people to meeting urgent, present needs.  Just today, someone asked for clothing for a funeral and another, cookware for their empty apartment.

Spring brings in a new, fresh air and colors that seem brighter than ever.  It resembles what we hear as people leave Reach & Restore.  Their steps are lighter, we hear sighs of relief and see smiles. It's like a transformation right before us. Today was a good day for him or her and a brighter tomorrow is ahead.  It is wonderful to know someone cares! God sure does!


January 7, 2016

A NEW YEAR is ahead of us and we are so grateful for your support! God is keeping our doors open with your help and we love our guests!

One of our end of the year highlights was a surprise donation from a local grocery store who thanked us for being a part of the community. Some of their staff came, took a tour and heard our story. What an honor!

Typically, January is a little quieter but we've got a lot of people waiting for specific things from last year. Please pray for our ministry. That the message of God's gift is clear as we serve.

Our current needs are: Men's jeans, boots, gloves, tennis shoes, underwear,  Boys size 3T-18    Girl size 7-8 to JR.

Boys underwear and socks, all sizes, Plus sizes,     Large blankets,  Towels,    Basic Kitchen utensils, Pots/Pans, Toasters/small appliances

Twin and Full Beds, End tables, Small Kitchen Tables/Card Tables, TV trays,  Can openers, Plastic cups,  Cake mixes (birthday room)



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