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November 6, 2014

It seems the requests are multiplying!  We really need boy clothing, kids shoes, winter boots, coats, adult gloves and mens jeans.  Pots and pans, baking pans, can openers, plastic cups and towels are needed as well.

We are thankful for each supporter that thinks of Reach & Restore as a way to recycle gently used items to bless a person in transition.  May God bless you.



September 2014

In one day... I heard jubilation as a family was informed that a bed was donated to her and would arrive soon.  I heard laughter as two friends shared excitement over finding needed clothing.  I heard whistling as a guest browsed through the clothing racks and tried on her favorite finds.  I heard relief and peace after praying with a woman about her family situation. I heard wonder and a hunger for more of the Bible through a conversation.  I heard the Lord affirm the ministry of Reach & Restore.

Please call us for our current needs.


July 28, 2014

Ever get tired of hearing the phone ring?

At the other end, there may be turmoil or a good report!   This week we had an update that a swimmer (client) moved back to the area and found work here.  We are excited to reconnect and celebrate.  Today, we've been searching for housing to prevent another family from being homeless.  Each ring is important to us.

Case workers report they love to bring their clients to us because we are different.  We are thankful God is using us to bless others and that we have the opportunity to share Good News with our guests!

We can now accept your "equipment" donations.  Working items such as lawnmowers, power tools, newer exercise equipment, generators, power washers, business equipment etc.  A new store in Eden Prairie called ReQuip will be selling them and proceeds from these items will benefit Reach & Restore.  These are items that we can not give to our clients but will help with funding our ministry.  Please call us with questions  952-933-1393952-933-1393 .

Currently, we are in need of pots/pans, beds, cribs, infant car seat (6 yrs old or newer), small microwaves, toasters, can openers, towels, men's jeans, boy pants, women's socks and underwear, children's tennis shoes and zip lock bags.  We will always accept deodorant, razors, travel toiletries, t.p. toothpaste, toothbrushes and dental floss, Bibles and Christian Books.


April 12, 2014

Thank you for contributing towards New Life.  Recently, we have been able to get quite a few people up off the floor with mattresses that were donated. Some of them have health problems and sleep will be a major gift!

One of my favorite gifts is when we get a call or note from someone who has been impacted by Reach & Restore. Christ is Alive and works through us to demonstrate unconditional love as we meet basic needs together.

It's time to celebrate rebirth!  He Is Risen!  Happy Easter!


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