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May 30, 2013

The sanding of drywall work was completed yesterday, the dust settled and we are beginning to paint!  We are thankful for this milestone and those who have contributed to get this far.

We are sorry for the wait-  As the clothing appointment list grows daily, it will be very interesting to see if we can keep up with the supply.

We will post when we start booking appointments and a needs list will be posted when there are specific sizes that are depleted.  Shorts, jeans and t shirts in all sizes will be in demand.


Coming Soon....One very exciting offering we will be adding:    A SINGLE Parenting Class! A 13 week study/support group for 6-8 single parents. They will use a workbook and will commit to their attendance.  Please begin praying for whomever decides to attend and for the leader who has volunteered to facilitate.  If you know of someone who might be interested, please contact us!



May 16, 2013

Just want to pass along something special to our supporters that happened today.

A four year old said, "Thank you for helping me!"  as we were leaving his home.

Wish you could have heard him say it. He wasn't told to say it, it came from his little heart!



May 8, 2013

Even though our drywall work continues on the inside of our warehouse, families are being helped outside.

For example...Early this week we arrived at an apartment that was empty except for some framed photos, a borrowed air mattress and clock. An elderly woman had moved in a few days before, leaving a troubled situation in another state behind her and ready to start over.  Some of her family is nearby but struggling to make their own ends meet and is not able to help with furnishing her place.  That night her place began to feel like home as your donations provided her with a place to sit, sleep and eat.  You could see the relief on her face and gratefulness in her voice. She was also encouraged by God's Word with a devotional book and hugs.

Thank you for improving the life of a neighbor!



April 25, 2013

The past two weeks we've had tremendous progress on our projects at the new address.  Thanks to the generous volunteers who are taking time out of their schedules to lend a hand.  The first week was demo, the next was mostly framing and this week we'll begin the drywall work.  Lunch was even prepared for the workers by a volunteer.  Thank you all and thank God for the provision of help through prayer.

We will post updates and an announcement when we are done with the construction.

Please leave a message if we can't get to the phone. Your call is important to us.  THANKS



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