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April 25, 2013

The past two weeks we've had tremendous progress on our projects at the new address.  Thanks to the generous volunteers who are taking time out of their schedules to lend a hand.  The first week was demo, the next was mostly framing and this week we'll begin the drywall work.  Lunch was even prepared for the workers by a volunteer.  Thank you all and thank God for the provision of help through prayer.

We will post updates and an announcement when we are done with the construction.

Please leave a message if we can't get to the phone. Your call is important to us.  THANKS



April 17, 2013

After which seemed like a long pause, our work permit was approved last Friday afternoon. We are now able to put some elbow grease into our space. Donations of building materials are needed.

While we are working, we are compiling a list of names for clothing appointments as requests are called in. After we are set up, we'll be swamped with appointments!  There will be sizes that we will be needing and will be posted here.

With your support, people are still being served during our construction.

We were able to help a woman with interview clothing and another woman with work clothes when she started her job a few days ago.

A 4 month old has a bed for the first time and a 9 month old now has a play pen and toys at her crowded caregivers' apartment to keep her occupied and safe.

Thank you for your patience.  Give us a call if you have questions.  952-933-1393



March 29, 2013

I want to express a huge heartfelt thank you to every person who participated in our packing up and moving out of our "old" Reach & Restore location and into the "new".  The team work was incredible and we finished before the weekend!

Before turning in the keys today, when I took out the last remaining item at the "old" location, the sun popped out.  It was cloudy up until then.

I giggled and had a moment of tears as God closed that door and has opened a new one.  God's timing with the sun reminded me of this as He will "resurrect" Reach & Restore at the "new" address.

May your Easter be filled with reminders of Christ's unconditional love, sacrifice and invitation to join Him at a "new" address some day!

He Is Risen!

Ronda Oliver

Founder, Director


March 20, 2013

Hooray GOD!

We are blessed to share the news that we have signed our lease!

Our prayers have been answered and we will be busy with the transition in the upcoming weeks. Easter Sunday is our deadline for moving out and then work on the other location will

We won't be able to accept material donations until the space is ready but financial donations are needed and will be critical in the months ahead as our expenses automatically increased with our new lease.

As always, we trust God for our needs! THANK YOU for encouraging us.

Our number will remain the same.


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