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March 20, 2013

Hooray GOD!

We are blessed to share the news that we have signed our lease!

Our prayers have been answered and we will be busy with the transition in the upcoming weeks. Easter Sunday is our deadline for moving out and then work on the other location will

We won't be able to accept material donations until the space is ready but financial donations are needed and will be critical in the months ahead as our expenses automatically increased with our new lease.

As always, we trust God for our needs! THANK YOU for encouraging us.

Our number will remain the same.


March 13, 2013

It's been a full few months of praying, searching, waiting and trusting at Reach & Restore.  What an encouragement to hear that we are covered in prayers by both supporters and clients during our search for a different location.  Thank you.

We are also very grateful for all of the help offered along the way!

God has protected us by closing some doors and has opened one-  only one -  in Hopkins just a few blocks from where we are now!  This is the clarity we prayed for.

This week we're working on the details of our lease.  Please continue to pray.  We know God cares about every detail and will provide financially so we can continue His work around us.

Our moving schedule will be based on when the lease is completed.  Our last clothing appointments at our current location will happen this week and then our focus will be on our transition.

Please call if you have questions.





December 19, 2012

Dear R&R Family,

We have a family emergency.  I was informed early this week that our lease will not be renewed. A new tenant will move into our space April 1, 2013.  According to the notice, we were good tennants, so we know this is not the reason for the change. Therefore, we are asking our praying supporters to pray for another miracle!  A search for a different building is underway. Our desire is to stay in Hopkins where there is bus access. 

My first reaction to the news was saddness. All of the work put into our space, items donated and hours dedicated are noticed every day by all who enter.

It will be difficult to leave this behind. God has been SO amazing!  Please come and visit if you have not during the past 3 years to brag on God's provisions before we move.  All we can do is anticipate what God has in store for us.  The phone keeps ringing and there are blessings left and right!

Please visit this site for updates and call with questions.   The timeline will be posted here and there will be opportunities to pitch in along the way.

Praise God with me as we press on and trust that He is in control!   His timing is perfect. Reach & Restore is HIS ministry and I look forward to moving forward with His plan.

Ronda Oliver,  Founder



December 9, 2012

What a glorious day.  The snow reminds me of Christ's forgiveness for anyone who asks for it. The snow is abundant today! (Isaiah 1:18)

The greatest and only lasting gift we can give is Christ. A special THANK YOU to Lifeway Bookstore in Edina for making R&R the recipient of new Bibles donated at the checkout Nov./Dec.!  What a privilage to be able to give these gifts away!

Our current needs list:

Girls Clothing 3T- Teen,  Boys Clothing 4T-12

Socks and Underwear for All

Mens Jeans, Dress Shirts, Warm Shirts, Boots, Heavy Coats, Gloves and XXL Items

Womens Boots, Heavy Coats, Hats, Gloves and XXL Items, Purses

Dishes, Pots, and Pans, Towels, Twin and Queen Sheet Sets, Blankets, Beds


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