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Here is the history of our Storage Location for Reach & Restore, Inc.

We rely on financial donations to provide this ongoing blessing…

Fall 2005-Spring 2007 Donations are stored and handled in and out of Director’s home.

March 2007- Searching for a cheap solution to move donated items off of Director’s property and take in more large furniture for families for distribution. God provided part of a “barn” for this use!  No heat but we are used to that. Even though animals were once housed here there is a cement floor and the chance to be organized! Thank you Lord!

April 2008-  We were informed that we will no longer be able to use the storage space on the farm due to the County taking over the land for a road expansion. Reach & Restore was blessed to use it as long as we did and have decided to rent a smaller space which is closer to church temporarily.

Thanks to all who prayed for a storage solution.  God has given us time with this temporary space to search for a larger one nearby. Storage of your household donations provides Reach & Restore a very efficient and fast delivery of goods to the families that are needing them. And we’ve seen time and time again, how God fits the donated items perfectly with families that are referred to us in the future.

July 2008-  Reach & Restore is seeing the needs grow as the economy hits families hard.

Recently, the building that we found for storage, went on the market.  We are not being asked to move but are aware that looking for a different location needs to be on our priority list again.  The current location is great, but the space is very tight for furniture. We trust that the Lord will provide what is needed for the growth we are experiencing.

November 2008-  Once again, God answered our prayers almost exactly when we received our 501c3 non profit status!  We moved into a larger space down the street, that will be our place to call home base. It’s a space that has room to expand which is very exciting! We were so thankful to move before winter.

March 2009-  The current storage space on Main St. is renamed our “R&R Service Station”. It is working out great for volunteers to join in ministry and evaluating the need for a clothing closet is taking place.

November/December 2009-  It became clear that through visiting with our referral sources, that a clothing resource for the west metro is needed like we thought.  Evaluating the current location of our operation (basement of a retail space) poses some questions only God can answer. We are in process of negotiating more space upstairs where we are, but are having little to no response from the realtor involved.  With a grant as potential funding launcher, we decide to look “outside the box” at other properties and pray for doors to open and shut.

January/February 2010- The search for a large, one level space is serious and God is definitely opening and closing doors! It is clear we can not expand where we are and the grant request is accepted!  The pressure is on to find a space that lines up with the grant proposal and meets safety/space requirements.

February 2010- God’s perfect timing provides a lease for a space that meets all on the list! With some elbow grease and hard work, R&R will have an office, clothing closet, and warehouse space!  A MAJOR BLESSING and a door WIDE open.

March 2010- Officially moved over to the warehouse in the middle of March with massive work to accomplish. Painting, carpeting etc. while continuing to help families.

May 2010- Open house and first clothing appointment!  Everyone is praising God as they see how He is faithful and they see that the potential for R&R is big-  like the new “Service Station”.

March 2013- Lease is not renewed due to higher paying leaser next door wanting to expand into our space. We have a short time to find a place to go!  April 1st is our deadline- feels like a joke after all the work accomplished.  Not many options in Hopkins that met our needs but God highlighted and confirmed a location just a few blocks away.

April 2013- With an army of volunteers, we moved into the current location that was being transformed with sheetrock, tile, paint and hours of labor.  Hopes and potential space to grow someday into the suite next door are there.

December 2016- An option and opportunity to grow is available beside us! Waiting and praying for financial support.

Spring 2017- With financial backing, volunteers remodeled part of the suite next door so we could offer some groups and misc. services to meet other needs.