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October 2019

Wow. We are very busy gearing people up for the weather change!

Ideally, we prefer to allow up to an hour for each clothing appointment but have had so many referrals we've had to overlap them so we can get more people in!  It's always amazing to see the needs being met by your donations.

Currently, there is a big need for fall and winter clothing for girls sizes 7-8, 10-12, 14-16.  Winter boots for adults, gloves, sweatshirts, sweatpants, adult pajamas and slippers are also desired. XL coats and winter tops are in high demand now through the winter months. We are currently out of XL coats for men.

Pots, pans, basic kitchen utensils, can openers, towels and razors are also low right now.

If you are interested in volunteering, we have some specific positions to fill!  Please contact us for info.

We love our team and those who support us so many can be served! Thank you.


August 2019

We received a beautiful thank you card from a referring agency this week.  Not at all expected. We are an extension of the life line they are and many other organizations are in the community. It all comes back to our supporters who allow us to give and spread the love and encouragement that so many need!

It was a joy to talk to a family today who is homeless but moving into a place next week and waiting to hear if a job is going to be offered after 2 interviews. The clothing will help with the future job and back to school for the kids.

The cost of housing is a big reason many struggle with providing other basic needs.  Each item Reach & Restore passes on to others can relieve financial pressure in another area.  If you have what you need and find it easy to replace daily conveniences, please be grateful.

Fall clothing is now being accepted. Light jackets, sweatshirts, closed toe shoes, jeans, underwear and socks are welcomed now.

We can only accept smaller, working, flat screen tvs.  Box tvs can be brought to Best Buy for recycling. (there may be a fee)



July 3, 2019

We will be closed July 4 and 5.  Please thank a veteran for serving!

Specific request: electric can opener for veteran

Other Current needs:

Men's Jeans/Pants, Shorts, Summer shirts, Light Jackets, Socks and Underwear, Baseball Caps, Pajamas, Shoes, Sweatpants

Women's Socks and Underwear, Light Jackets

Boys shorts and t-shirts,  2T, 5-6, 7-8 Summer clothes,  Boys light jackets, white socks, shoes and underwear

Girls 5-6, 7-8, 10-12 Summer Shirts, Girls Socks, light jackets


We also need:

Measuring cups and spoons, mixing bowls, drinking glasses, coffee makers, toasters, clock radios, small Kitchen tables/card tables and tv trays, razors, bath towels, Twin sheet sets, Full and Queen Blankets, Mattress Pads


We are remembering the life of Cindy Gens. Cindy was a dear woman who volunteered in the very early days of Reach & Restore. She was a support to me and became a special friend and help to a few particular clients. SHe was always concerned about the wellbeing of these folks and was a tremendous example of grace.  Her presence will be missed but we know because of her faith she is in heaven with no pain! Thankful to have known you Cindy!




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