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Our Purpose

Reach and Restore (R&R) provides needy families with resources to provide a sense of hope and be a support to get back on their feet. This may include physical needs such as household items, furniture, locating housing or transportation and personal needs such as moral support, friendship, tutoring, counseling, or spiritual guidance.

The primary function of R&R is to be a coordinator/facilitator that connects people in need, who live in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, with resources that will fulfill their specific needs. A key element of this program is direct contact with the people in order to determine the need and provide love and care.

How We Work

Reach and Restore is not intended to be a traditional “collect and distribute” ministry. Each person or family will be personally contacted.

Based on this direct interaction with the individuals, a list of needs will be compiled. That list will then be presented to people with potential resources. When the item or service is located it will be delivered, or connected, to the individual or family by Reach and Restore.

Follow-up contacts will be made to make sure the needs of the individual or family are being met and to continue the caring relationship.

Why We’re Different

Reach and Restore (R&R) will not attempt to duplicate other programs or services. For example, it will not collect and distribute bulk items such as clothing or food, but may connect a person to an agency who can provide these items. R&R will attempt to meet specific requests such as a size 10 winter coat, etc.

We believe R&R has a unique ability to fulfill needs quickly across a broad spectrum of services. R&R is not a welfare program and is not intended to enable the needy, but rather give them a boost through meaningful connections, follow-up conversations and home visits.

Our Ministry Sponsor

Reach & Restore began as a ministry of Ridgewood Church in 2005 and now, is an independent non profit ministry due to growth in community needs. Reach and Restore utilizes certain resources of local churches, promoting and encouraging participation and involvement in this caring outreach ministry.

Donations can be made by mailing to:
Reach & Restore, Inc.
4737 Cty Rd. 101, #220
Minnetonka, MN 55345