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  • April 2024

    So far this week, we’ve assisted our referred people in many situations… one family was vacating their home from a rodent infestation caused by poor home repairs and has to move and start over, a woman was leaving a domestic and finding shelter, a child sleeping on the floor, a parent without a car seat, a man who just got laid off, a woman who ran out of pads, a family new to the states needing clothing, a homeless man recently housed lacking items and others asking for prayer. These connections have impact beyond the tangible. Although we can’t promise we can assist with every need, we aim to care, listen, respect, encourage and speak truth of their value while at Reach & Restore.

    MANY THANKS to everyone who has cheered on our mission and vision! The transition into our extra room has been a bit slower than expected with projects dependent certain people or things, but we are enjoying the changes as they unfold. We appreciate prayers and how we see God working each day. It is a blessing to be a conduit of hope to our community and Reach & Restore volunteers are beautiful people!

    When we get multiple donation drop offs in a short period of time, we might have to halt incoming items to catch up with our sorting. It takes time and people to process. We love when Incoming donation bags are labeled with gender and size as they save us time and we can evaluate what is needed.

    We really appreciate the shout outs online for donating items to Reach & Restore! Please contact us for guidelines.

    If you have furniture items, we’ll need to ask some questions and see photos before accepting. After approval, a time will be set up for drop off at Reach & Restore. Please call with any questions.

    Currently, we need PLUS SIZE Men clothing really bad. (Big shoe sizes and 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X) Spring coats, Tennis shoes, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Athletic shorts, Pajamas and Jeans for all men as well.

    Happy Spring!

  • December 2023

    We are so happy you have chosen to visit us!

    There are plenty of extra things to do and think about in this season. I usually end up writing down my list so everything is checked off with satisfaction by a certain day. There are people all around us though that have a different kind of list. A list of things that many take for granted and don’t have to think about. These lists are not written down, but an instinct to provide the next meal, next winter coat, next place to live or what to sleep or eat on. A challenging list, often repeating for survival.

    REACH & RESTORE lightens the load for many individuals and families who have day to day struggles with basic need lists. Today, we were able to bless a group from a place that shelters homeless people, many dealing with mental and chemical health challenges. Your donations provided some basic needs and demonstrated the whole reason for this season! A FREE, unconditional gift.

    Christmas is year-round at REACH & RESTORE! It’s a joy to serve and be a light in our community. Even though we don’t see the lists of the heart, REACH & RESTORE is a place where there is hope, peace, love and acceptance. We all need those!!

    If you have a heart that is driven by these things, we may have a volunteer match. Send us an email through our contact page!

    Blessings in your season,

    Ronda Oliver