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  • September 15, 2020

    After the shut down we started slowy serving our referrals once again with the addition of masks and more guidelines on appointments. It’s been gradually getting busier as referral sources started serving their clients again in person. There are still some case workers that are only allowed to use virtual connecting, at least through the end of the year, so those folks have to figure out how to get to us on their own.

    Needs haven’t changed and children haven’t stopped growing. Seasons have changed and people are also in transition for many reasons. During this strange year the generosity of our donors continues and warms our hearts! In fact, we, like many donation organizations have had to figure out how to slow down some types of incoming items here and there! God has blessed us to bless others and we are all so thankful for the change it makes in many lives.

    What we really need right now is underwear for all ages and all sizes. There is nothing to fill the bins which are empty. There are also specific children clothing sizes we are lacking. Please give us a call for the latest. Children’s gym shoes are also needed in all sizes.

    Our mission remains to connect people with needs to people with resources and demonstrate God’s unconditional love which is FREE. Thank you for your support!

  • May 25, 2020

    We have much to be thankful for as we pause today to celebrate our heroes.

    Reach & Restore has been carefully opening over the past few weeks. We have adjusted our appointments to be sure they do not overlap and have masks on hand. Our space has had a Covid treatment and wipe down as well!(If your facility is interested in this, we can pass along the information.)

    Knowing that many want to donate items is a wonderful thing. Please understand we may find ourselves overwhelmed and need to decide which items we need most and have room for. Please call us before coming by. As organizations loosen their contact rules with their clients, we expect to be very busy once again. Referrals are still coming and our purpose is to do what we can with what we are given. Over and over again, God provides!

    If you are interested in a Recovery class, ours has been meeting via Zoom on Tuesdays. Feel free to call for more information. And we are always available for prayer. 952-933-1393