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October 21, 2006

This week has been a roller coaster ride! 

God has opened doors with new potential church connections. On Nov. 2, R&R is having an informational meeting with other Twin City area churches to share a larger vision for this ministry. Please pray that hearts and minds will be ready and excited to network!

Today a huge service project was tackled. Thanks to 5 gentlemen on the service crew, a family was blessed by their hard work and company. Praise God for a dry weather day too! Some of the materials for this project were donated which was a gift from above!

Searching for a loveseat, side chairs and kitchen table for one of our families. Thought we had found a washing machine for another one of our families-but someone beat us to it at the curb. In the meantime, the stinky washer has been shopvacced (is that how it’s spelled?) out.

A few more referrals this week. Please pray for more Life Preservers to join in!