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November 2, 2006

Wow. A lot has happened this week. 

One of the R&R families has had a couch delivered this past week. They were sitting on an air mattress before this.  Our delivery crew also delivered donated washers and dryer to two other R&R families last weekend.   Now they can wash their clothes at their residences!

We are learning every day about choices.  The person that was staying in our church family’s home has been taken back to the area of his new job. Many resources for positive change were offered and not received so the hard decision to let go was made.  Tough love is no fun but we are praying that God will protect and teach our friend to help himself.  Please pray that the family that stepped up to help can be at peace about what they did for this individual even though right now they feel disappointed.

Multiple meetings were scheduled with various church members around the Twin Cities to share the Reach & Restore vision this past week. Our planned meeting today was very encouraging as we gathered with representatives of six area churches of different denominations who also participate in caring ministries. Thank you for praying about this event. It will be amazing to see how God will connect us through care ministry!  In fact, during our meeting, one of the care ministry pastors mentioned a need for a stove for a family his church is helping recover from a fire. Another attendee raised her hand and exclaimed,” I have a stove they can have!”  It turns out that the stove that will be donated is exactly the type- smooth top- the family had before and desired!  Isn’t that God working?  Cool stuff!

A referral came today from a previous R&R family we helped. A family they are friends with is homeless, couldn’t pay for their storage so it was lost. They will be moving into a different place this month. Ten minutes after this call came in, another call…  someone has a couch and chair to donate!

Guess where it will be going?Wink