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February 10, 2007

This week one of our R&R friends was transported to a few job interviews. They went fabulous and we are praying that one of them comes through this week.  It’s hard to move when you are looking for work and don’t have a car.  Not sure if it’s better to move first or find work first when the temporary housing mate is not good!  Which would you do?

This week we look forward to helping a single mom and preschooler put donated items into their first apartment ever. They had been at a battered women’s shelter before this and are starting from scratch.

One of the R&R family members has been asking a lot of spiritual questions as her mom just had a second heart attack this week. Please pray that she will grow closer to God through these tough days and that the R&R crew knows how to respond to the questions in a way that will draw rather than push. God is using us and growing us too!