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September 4, 2008

Today there were reminders placed before us that we are not wasting our time or energy to serve others unconditionally. A family that was helped last winter reconnected via email today expressing her thanks to the people who really made a difference for them in time of need. Unfortunately, they have been a shelter for 2 months because of mold in their last rental home. Next week they will get to go to a different rental home and are very excited.  We have asked if they will need help and are waiting to hear back.   

Another woman we have helped called and on the verge of tears told us how thankful she is that we are in her life. She just told her therapist about the assistance she has received and how it’s so good for her to be able to talk to someone. 

Yesterday, a man was assisted in unpacking his things at his apartment. Due to a car accident in which his back was broken a year ago, he is still restricted in lifting and moving. His “friends” dumped his belongings on his living room floor and left in a hurry.  The service crew that put his essentials away had a great time together making a difference in his life.

There will be a delivery this weekend for a new referral and we are still praying for and searching for a storage solution. It appears the building we are in has sold but we have no word on the timing of anything yet.  

“Do not weary in doing good”.  Gal 6:9