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Volunteer Opportunities

Reach & Restore relies totally on volunteers to run this non-profit ministry. We depend entirely on the services offered from the community, the church, and individuals like you for support.

There are many roles to play and a variety of ways for you to be involved in reaching out and restoring hope to those around us:

  • Life Guards:  Members of our core group who receive referrals, coordinate and organize the opportunities for crews, and support Life Preservers
  • Life Preservers: Members of our team who are the direct contact and relationship builders with those in need.  These folks get their support from our Life Guards and other crew members.
  • Delivery Crew: People available and able to transport items with their truck or trailer.
  • Service Crew: Handy persons and others willing to do odd jobs or use specialized skills.
  • Support Crew:  Everyone who prays, encourages, or donates their time, requested items, or provides financial support.

If you feel yourself being called to serve please contact us today.