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November 8, 2008

Thank you for your prayers!  Much has happened the past few months!

We have located a larger storage space not far from the current location and have signed a lease to move in a few weeks!  We will beat the winter weather too! 

Last month an update was given to a group at a church about the new non-profit status of R&R. Afterwards, someone in the room told us if we ever needed a place to park a trailer we could do it on her property.  At the time we just thought that would be great for future use.

Two days later, out of the  blue and without putting out any request, someone else donated a trailer!  God is amazing! The other fun thing about this is that the person with the parking spot for the trailer lives on the same street as our next storage space! 

Today we moved a single woman into a place while she was stuck at work. She called us right when she got home in shock. “Amazing! I wasn’t sure where to put the furniture. It looks amazing! Is there  a decorator in the group? I can’t believe it. Thank you!”