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September 29, 2009

Recent Activity:

  • A woman received transportation to a court appointment which ended up clearing a ticket and potentially may be refunded to her. Without the ride, she would have faced many future issues.
  • A woman who’s daughter died during childbirth and now has taken in her three grandkids received a crib, baby items, and other items to help her care for the children. Soon we will be bringing her beds for the other kids.
  • A woman who recently got out of prison received clothing so she can go back to school.
  • A family who was coming out of a shelter got assistance transporting their only items from a storage unit to their new and empty apartment.
  • A woman leaving a battered women’s shelter needed a suitcase to leave MN with her two children to live with her family.
  • A man living in a pay by week place due to fleeing an abusive relationship received basic household items as he tries to pull his life together.
  • Four soon to be mothers who don’t have resources received basic baby gear like strollers, cribs, blankets etc.
  • Others not listed here have also been connected with R&R through deliveries recently

Lives are being impacted by your generousity and they are seeing Jesus in the eyes of R&R volunteers. All things point to Him who is our reason for reaching our community. More people willing to connect with “R&R swimmers” are needed. Praise God for the many provisions and lovely connections made!