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April 8, 2010

What a glorious tiime of year to see miraculous change around us.

Change is in the air at R&R as well!  It’s been a very busy few months as we have moved to our new “Service Station!”  We are transforming the space to include the new clothing ministry with many donated supplies. We have seen God provide exactly what is needed!

At the same time we are doing our best to help those we have been referred to us.

For example, this week a donation of household goods and furniture was received and has been separated and has helped three different families so far!

A family without a washer and dryer was connected with a set this week.

A man was given clothing so he could start his job. His boss would not let him start working without the uniform and he had no other way to get what he was required to wear.

Our Open House will be May 2nd.  Hope you can join us in celebrating what God has done and will do with our service!