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September 3, 2010

There have been numerous stories to tell since our last entry. Now that fall is here, we are ready to switch our Clothes Line inventory to the warmer clothing for the first time. Volunteers will be putting shorts away and hanging up sweatshirts. If you are wondering what we need…it would be pants. Knowing how boys wear pants out  through their knees, this will be an ongoing request.

To raise awareness and some funds, Reach & Restore is selling $5 Macy coupons this month. Macy’s has created a Shopping Day on Oct. 16th for you to put these coupons to good use.  All day long you can shop at a discount with the coupon (no purchase required) and the $5 goes to Reach & Restore.   There is no limit to the number of coupons you can purchase. Please think about your friends, relatives or neighbors who may want to buy a coupon or sell them for R&R!  Each person who buys a coupon will be entered in a $500 Macy’s shopping spree drawing.Please call Reach & Restore, Inc. if you would like to purchase a coupon 952-933-1393. We want to thank Macy’s for this opportunity!

God is truly amazing.  We have prayed for our visitors to feel peace and comfort in our Service Station and it is often mentioned by our guests. If you haven’t come to see what is being talked about, please call us first and stop in!