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December 15, 2010

Many people ask us what we need right now.  It’s always a question that causes me to pause. Names rush into my head. Specific families who have requested  things and are waiting to be assisted.

Like the single mom who has a car that doesn’t always start. She is employed but worries she’ll lose her job because of her car one day and then lose her housing. Her apartment was treated for bed bugs a while ago and almost everything  had to be thrown out. They sleep on the floor now and are asking for beds and furniture.

Like the woman who was in a car accident 2 years ago and still has terrible back pain every day. She needs a firm mattress but can’t afford to get one.

Like the family who will be getting their apartment key tomorrow and will have nothing to move into it. An 87 yr old man, daughter and her daughter.

Like the multiple people who have asked for winter boots and there is more snow coming tonight.

There is good news though too!  God is using R&R to connect your resources with people in need. A woman who became a widow this fall came for clothing broke down in tears as she not only received some winter items but also was able to talk to caring volunteers and receive prayer. Messages of hope were heard and hugs given. Something she never expected to get from her appointment! The look on her face when she left was totally different than when we first met.

After leaving her abusive husband, getting help, a job, and now an apartment, one woman is launching her life again. She is so grateful for the household items, leads on finding temporary food assistance and clothing. We hope to find a firm bed for her quickly as she suffers from health problems and has had two back surgeries.

Many stories… many needing the love of Christ…today. That’s something we can give!  We hope you have experienced and accepted this FREE GIFT.

Merry Christmas from Reach & Restore!