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July 11, 2011

We are so thankful!

Your prayers are key in this ministry.  Over and over there are moments when we see God’s attention to detail.

The Reach & Restore van was picking up a donation last Friday and upon leaving, it wouldn’t start.  Parked in front of an apartment building where no one is suppose to stay, there was a bit of a panic.   The key wasn’t turning in the ignition.

Calls were made to our auto shop connections and there weren’t openings until the middle of this week.  One of the volunteers who just started helping R&R was at the scene and had AAA service.  He was able to get the van towed to a local shop at no charge!  That was a huge blessing and unexpected.  The towing company knew of the shop we connected with and knew exactly where to bring the van.  The van was fixed today (Monday) needing a new ignition switch. It is now back in service for ministry with a set of new keys!

Looking back, we praise God that there were two male delivery volunteers with the van at the time that this happened. Also, it occurred after the last delivery for the week just a few miles away!

Summer isn’t vacation time for Reach & Restore!  Serving our neighbors in need is a joy and can’t be done without you.  If you would be interested in forming or becoming part of a prayer group for Reach & Restore and the specific requests of the people served, please email us!