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January 3, 2012

Turning the calendar page to reveal a new year is thought provoking. Before looking ahead, I reflect on last year and how so many lives were touched with generousity and the message of God’s love for all!  When this ministry began at the end of 2005, I never imagined what it is today and all the events in between!  God is faithful and trusting in Him is the only way Reach & Restore moves ahead.  What an adventure to be in His plans!

The first day back today in 2012 and we were tickled once again by God’s orchestration.  A volunteer had repaired a baby crib over the weekend and brought it back into the warehouse.  A few hours later, a referral came in and she needed a crib!  Due in a few weeks, this was a huge blessing!  It was picked up within the hour and other baby items were gathered. We learned the father had just recently been laid off from his job with dozens of others.  There is a story behind every need. I pray more of us will have mercy and just let God work through us with “no strings”.

Happy New Year and Thank you for your support which will allow us to continue on this adventure.

Ronda Oliver