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March 29, 2013

I want to express a huge heartfelt thank you to every person who participated in our packing up and moving out of our “old” Reach & Restore location and into the “new”.  The team work was incredible and we finished before the weekend!

Before turning in the keys today, when I took out the last remaining item at the “old” location, the sun popped out.  It was cloudy up until then.

I giggled and had a moment of tears as God closed that door and has opened a new one.  God’s timing with the sun reminded me of this as He will “resurrect” Reach & Restore at the “new” address.

May your Easter be filled with reminders of Christ’s unconditional love, sacrifice and invitation to join Him at a “new” address some day!

He Is Risen!

Ronda Oliver

Founder, Director