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July 23, 2013

In everything give thanks!

Yesterday, we had our first clothing appointments at our new location!  After the first two rescheduled, the third was THRILLED to be the FIRST!  The first comment out of their mouth walking in the door was a compliment about the place.  Yeah God!  They were excited to get their photo taken as a piece of R&R history.  Two more appointments after that.  A very proud grandma and a recently single working mother of 7, who is trying to keep her head up above water. Her son kept asking, “how much does this cost?”   He was amazed when we said, “Nothing. You can just have it.”  He and his mom chose Bibles on their way out.

More fun today when a child said, “I LOVE IT HERE!”

Another visitor said, “I have to go to a funeral on Friday and now I have something to wear.  Thank you so much!”

We are so thankful for what God has done and is going to do!  Please pray for us as we try and catch up with appointments and meet needs of those around us. Many hours of hard work have been invested to keep Reach & Restore open during this transition!  THANK YOU

Please note:  The google address listed online is not current.  Please call us if you are planning to come over.