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October 29, 2015

Yesterday was very heart heavy day.  Every person who came into Reach & Restore was grieving!  Hearing difficult situations is a “normal” day for us but this was strange!

We were told about an 8 month old, a sister, a few friends, and dad had all died recently and others were processing the news of cancer in a loved one.  On top of that, an elderly woman came to her clothing appointment, had tripped and fell in her home and woke up from being unconscious on her floor the night before. She needs assisted living but can not find a low income unit.  Another called us because she was lonely, thanking us for helping her in the past.  A family who lost all in a house fire received some replacement items and clothing for her kids.

This is life all around us… Invisible pain!

We were blessed to pray with and hug our friends dealing with these things!  God is our hope and strength and we are humbled to be able to share His love with the people that come to us.

As we approach a “giving” season, please consider donating financially to Reach & Restore.

May Christ’s light keep shining and reaching into the hearts of the hurting through this ministry!

Thank you.