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September 18, 2018

A great day at Reach & Restore.

Today we had a surprise visit from our friend who is cancer free! He had moved to California this year shortly after his brother passed away to be near family and came back to MN get his things out of storage. I’ll never forget the call when he told us his cancer was back and then the day he announced to us that he was healed from his cancer!  It was so much fun to celebrate with him for a moment again today. Our friend is now working at the Salvation Army in LA and his joy has been restored.  This is one thankful guy and much of his thanks goes to the supporters of R&R who prayed for him and provided clothing and other items during his journey.

We provided a few fabulous haircuts today.  Weight is lifted and smiles are big!

A little guy got a bike with training wheels. It was hard for him to stop climbing on it inside.

A new volunteer assisted a guest with clothing selection and had great success.  The guest shared her friend is in hospice and needed encouragement. We were able to help with that.

Many received baked goods on their way out. We are grateful it is enjoyed and doesn’t go to waste!

Another gal we had met a few weeks ago shared that she got hired and started yesterday!  She had asked for prayer for the interview and was thanking us for that as well as her outfit she wore to her interview.  It is a huge blessing for her and her little one to have more financial stability.

This evening a woman at a shelter found housing. She couldn’t stop giggling about it and said now she’ll actually sleep tonight!



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Fall Jackets

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