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August 2021

It’s hard to say no but…

It’s a blessing to let you know we won’t be able to accept clothing donations right now unless they are the specific items listed below until our inventory goes down. Check back here or call us with questions. We appreciate all of the generosity and support for our community! Before we know it the fall clothing will be eased onto the racks.

Clothing items we will accept during this time:

men athletic /elastic waist shorts, men jeans, men sandals, tennis shoes/walking shoes, (sizes 11,12,13 for sure) Also, 4x and 5x and tall clothing sizes for men are occasionally requested.

kids tennis shoes and athletic shorts, elementary and teen back to school clothes, girls 14-16 underwear

Yesterday a woman was given a walker with a seat. She had been waiting for a replacement for a while. It just happened be her birthday! We made sure it was decked out with a bow and came with a cake and candles! It is so much fun to give.

God is so good, and loves to provide!