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July 17, 2022

Just had a wonderful morning receiving a special collection of new socks and a donation from children and families involved with VBS at Ridgewood in Minnetonka! It’s such a big deal when kids learn how to look beyond their own needs and be exposed to the needs of others that are sometimes really basic, but important. Many people we have scheduled for the clothing closet will be grateful to be able to give their children socks very soon!

We see God providing for people each day through your support. Last week, there were some people that needed interview clothing. A few returned after being hired to find the appropriate clothes required for their jobs!

A gentleman who came to us didn’t have a working oven for years. He didn’t want a replacement oven, but we were able to offer him a toaster oven. He didn’t take the offer which really shocked us! There wasn’t a way for him to warm anything up. It seemed very strange. Then recently, at his clothing appointment, he asked if we still had a toaster oven. We did, and he was so happy! He shared he didn’t want to take it from someone else who needed it more than him.

The man had walked to us and it was a pretty warm day. Something prompted me to ask if he needed a bike because I remembered he walked everywhere to get places. A bike, just his size, had been donated and he was overjoyed to ride it home! When the toaster oven was delivered to the man he was glowing and dripping with thankful words. He and his friend had gone on a bike ride together and there was a video clip he shared with me of him riding. His mother had passed away not long ago, and this activity is a big mental health boost for his healing.

If you are wondering what kind of help we are looking for… these are the specific roles:

A few people to pick up donated food once a week (or as a sub)

A person to keep our 2 delivery vehicles maintained (oil changes, fill tires)

A software designer (we need a program developed to help us organize info)

Experienced hair cutters (hoping to offer haircuts again a few times per month)

Flexible people who could pick up/deliver donated items

A dedicated prayer team (people who could commit to pray for R&R)

Please call us if you have interest in filling any of these volunteer opportunities!

952-933-1393 THANK YOU