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Category: needs

Item Donations

Our needs list changes daily.

The items listed under specific categories are items that we have found useful for families starting over and              may accept.

Please contact us if you are able to donate any of the items that we have listed or if you have an item that is not listed that we might consider accepting.  Thank you!

Remember, your donations do not have to be new, only in decent, clean, working order.

We have the final say at drop off or pick up if we can accept items as presented.

Thank you for understanding.


Please pray for this ministry and the crews who are involved with it.

Pray for the families we are getting to know. That they will see Christ’s love in us and be receptive to the message He has for them.

Pray for the future of the ministry, to expand as God desires.



Currently, we need:

Paper Towels

Ziplock Bags- Gallon and Quart   -For donated bakery items

T shirts -all season styles



Adult winter coats

Adult Gloves/Mittens

Boys sizes 5-6, 7-8. 10-12,14-16, 18-20

Girl sizes 2T-16

Hoodies, Sweat Pants, P.J.s

Men’s Jeans and Shorts

XL, XXL and Plus sized clothing for men and women

Small Men’s Sizes- All types of clothing

Men’s Shoes and Boots

Children Shoes and Boots

Robes and Slippers

Please call with questions.