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Reach & Restore connects people in need to people with resources on a case by case basis in a variety of ways. It all begins with a referral from a local agency, church, social worker or someone who is servicing the person already (Ex: Doctor, Teacher, Therapist) who contacts Reach & Restore with the situation. A trained volunteer from Reach & Restore calls the referred person and has a conversation that confirms the specific need(s). Many times the needs include household or furniture items, help with job or housing searches, a repair, or clothing. The person who needs assistance often needs a listening ear, encouragement and prayer. When Reach & Restore is not able to provide help, other resources are suggested that may be of help.

Reach & Restore keeps donations of basic household items, furniture and clothing at hand at their location in Hopkins, MN to service families as quickly as possible. Volunteers take care in coordinating donated goods together as best as they can and they are picked up in Hopkins. On occasion, a delivery volunteer brings them directly to the family in need. When Reach & Restore is not able to provide from the current supply of donations, specific items may be sought out and purchased at discount prices or further donation requests may be made to fill the immediate need.

Reach & Restore seeks to connect on a personal level with those being served by getting to know more about their situation and staying in contact with those receiving help showing that they matter and feel cared about. It’s one more way they can experience God’s unconditional love for them. Reach & Restore’s goal is not to just give stuff away, but also be light in the lives of people hurting around us that we wouldn’t normally meet. That light is not of men, but of Christ, who has reached out with His free gift of life to all, restoring us in our relationship with Him.