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November 17, 2006

It was a joy to see God work out details this week.  Last Saturday, two separate delivery crews brought household furniture to a Mound family.  It was fantastic to see them the next day with everything in place and smiles on their faces!  They are looking for a church and plan to visit this week. Our prayers have been with them as the mother has been getting tests done on a tumor behind her eye.  Her results will be shared with her next week. She has lost her sight of her left eye which is pretty scary with 4 small children.  Praise though, her to-be husband was hired this week too.

Tuesday, we supplied items for a family moving out of a women’s shelter and Thursday we delivered furniture and household things for another family moving out of a shelter and into their own place. The larger furniture donation going to this family was very timely and was in the same part of the city as the apartment. We fortunately had two beds in storage for this family of two also!

The Chaska family had success with a lead we supplied for housing. Thank you for praying about this! A family took them in at no charge until they can gather a deposit for an apartment a landlord is holding for them! We’ll be praying that this all works out.

An older R&R connection resurfaced this week.  We had been praying to hear an update and it came. Unfortunately, the reconnection was tied to a crisis. Fortunately, we can provide resources to help.  Please pray for this single dad.  He needs housing right away.

Housing seems to be the biggest need right now.

Another R&R family brought home their mother from the east coast last weekend to live here. She will be looking for her own Sec. 8 housing.  They are thrilled to have their working washer after being gone for 2 weeks!  Praise that they got back here safely. It was quite the trip! 

Please pray for employment for one of the R&R dads who lost his job on Monday.

Busy, Busy, Busy!

If your church would like to do Reach & Restore, we’d love to talk!