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December 15, 2006

 Praise God for a tremendous Women’s Brunch Event!  Thanks to all who prayed for and all who worked so hard on making the brunch come together!  The financial donations are being figured this week and we are thrilled about what God will be able to do with them. We will be searching for a storage solution.  

 God coordinated the main speaker’s talk with ours without any communication between us down here! That was an awesome planning detail!  If the guests only had known!

Please pray for the R&R families as they try to make it through the holidays.  A few are still homeless.  

Tomorrow a R&R delivery crew will be helping a woman at a battered women’s shelter move her belongings to storage. It’s really sad to see so many people without resources for moving. This is why so many people have to start from scratch when they move or get evicted for not paying rent etc. No resources for help in their network. They can only take what they can carry without transportation help.

Two beds are scheduled to be delivered to another family on Sunday and a single mom will be getting help with weatherizing her duplex windows by a service crew member tomorrow.  

So… every day is different and God will use whomever is willing to be used!