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January 7, 2007

What a blast to serve others!  

One of our new referrals needed a couch and we thought we had one being held for us. Turns out it was given away elsewhere-so we had to scramble for a replacement. We checked the internet and a couch and loveseat were just listed as available a half hour before. We inquired and didn’t get a response. In the meantime, the response cards from another church were looked through and there was one  that had a note that they had a couch to donate! The note was made last fall though so it would be a miracle if the family still had it around. Sure enough, it was still around and had been cleaned since!  God had it figured out long ago. 

Here are some quotes from the past 48 hours.  

“I think I got the best night sleep I ever had last night! Thank you so much for the bed! I am getting a new perspective going through this. Thank you for everything you’ve done. I was always the kind of person to help other people but now I need help. Is there someone I can write a thank you note to?