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January 11, 2007

Two new families were helped last weekend. Thank you to crew members who did a lot of legwork.

“I think I got the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had last night. Thank you so much for the mattress! Who can I write a thank you to?”

“You don’t know how much everything you’ve done has helped me. Thank you.”

Quotes from last weekend. 


Please pray for peace, strength and endurance.

Please pray for the doctors that are diagnosing one of our R&R ladies’ health issues. She may have to have surgery to remove cysts and do something to control her back pain. She is worried about how she will be able to make it through the recovery with her kids around (single mom of 5).  

A few others are looking for work.  Please pray that doors will be opening for them and that there remains to be motivation through the process.