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January 21, 2007

Many items of praise this week.

The most amazing quote:

“You don’t know how much you are helping me out. You’ve been like a…(pause) lifesaver for me. Thank you so much. I haven’t felt like this for years.”  

Two R&R people asked us to be a reference for employment!

One R&R woman was assisted in opening a checking account. She had been paying the Western Union fees to cash her checks.  

Two R&R people had birthdays and no means to celebrate with so cakes were delivered by crew members.

A new referred family needed a 3x winter coat. We had one in storage! God knew it’s destination and all were amazed.

Please pray for housing and the coordination of deliveries this week. Also continue to pray for storage and for us to continue to be used to serve others together as the Body of Christ.