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January 17, 2007

A wonderful thing happened this past week with one our new R&R people. This person has a technical skill(s) that may plug into church! In fact, because there was an invitation to use the skills at church, and a church person willing to be transportation, the person came last Sunday! Praise God! This person has had a lot of bad church experiences in the past and just told us today that there were no bad “fire and brimstone” feelings and is looking forward to coming back.  Please pray for healing of this heart and salvation for our new friend!  

There is also crisis in the lives of a few others we have come to know. Pray for employment and family resolve as well as opportunity to show God’s mercy and love.

A few follow up calls have come back with news that things are going better/great since they received help from Reach & Restore.  

Please pray for more church involvement so we can continue serving Him together!