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May 11,2007

This past week we’ve seen God’s hand in many things. 

We have a lead on a women’s support group leader. Please pray for a match!

The family living in a hotel has moved into a rental home. Please pray for the county assistance to come through fast and for stable employment. 

A huge household donation was given to the ministry this week. It’s been a lot of work but thanks to the R&R crew members, we have already been able to help a few families with some of the donation.

An R&R family has been separated due to a family illness. Because the father must leave to be with the family member who is very ill, the mother and children must vacate their apartment due to the stop of income. They will be moving in with a relative in St Paul and leaving most of their belongings which R&R had provided behind. Please pray for this situation and that we don’t lose this connection to help in the future. The family wants R&R to take the furniture back for another family. We assure them that if they need to furnish a different place down the road, R&R will assist them. 

The first babysitting “job” for our R&R volunteers helping a family where the mom has cancer, went great . The sitters will be helping a lot while the father has to travel for work later this month.

We are getting to know a pregnant teen who is due next month. She is in a relative foster care situation. Feeling alone and is so thankful for help with baby items and a listening ear!

There are many details the Lord worked out this week that won’t be entered here but thank you for your prayers!  They are making a difference! One dad was employed and started work on Monday, others are looking for housing, a few families were helped with moving this week. The list goes on…What we are praying for are more crew members who want a part of God’s action! 

Quote of the day:”Wondering if you can make a little miracle happen”

“I was just praying when you called! Without you and God man, I don’t know what I’d do. (In tears)”