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May 21, 2007

This week we will be moving the furniture from the vacated apartment to the other family who is in need. The Lord is exposing us to so many different situations! This new family is Hmong and consists of a 3 yr old, one on the way and parents who are both deaf. Communication is being left up to the social workers who know sign. Our role will basically be just the move, although next week we are also helping with a delivery for a different family in which the single mother is deaf.  A woman from our church will be able to be present to sign for the movers. She is looking forward to this opportunity.

We will also get word on the condition of a car that was donated. If it’s too expensive to repair, it will be donated to Wheels to Work. If this is the case, we will have higher priority if we send someone there for transportation help. There is always a waiting list for cars that are donated out there.

Housing is still an issue for a few of our contacts.  Please pray for solutions!

God has answered our prayers about finding the right match for a Bible Study/Support Group Leader!

Praise Him! Now we will trust that He will bring in those who are willing to get this help and need exactly that.  Stay tuned… it probably won’t start before the fall.

There are so many people struggling with daily life around us that we don’t seem to meet and are so isolated. The church must not ignore this fact! Jesus went out and mingled and got to know people that others ignored–Hmmm…..