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July 16, 2007

Lots of prayer needed for individuals going through hard stuff.

Household items and beds were provided for a family who has been living in an empty apartment for a few weeks. The kids were so thrilled to have things to play with too!

A couch was donated and given to a church family who is going through a transition. It will be returned and used for a future family in need.

The women’s support group began last week. There was one participant and it was an amazing time. There are others who plan to be attending soon. A passage of scripture was read in round robin fashion between three of us and every verse that was read by the woman who attended fit exactly what she’s going through and needed for encouragement. She attended church on her own on Sunday and plans to return. Please pray for spiritual renewal and protection as there is an obvious spiritual battle over her soul that we can’t see or explain.

The vehicle that was donated a while ago that has issues, is going to a person in need that has mechanical skills! Praise God!