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August 3, 2007

Time is flying by this summer!  

Lots of R&R people are checking in to say hi and it’s wonderful to hear from them!  

This week we thought we had housing for one of our friends but then decided to keep looking. Not a good match after all.  Fortunately, it was a cordial exchange, nothing was moved yet and the money was returned with no strings. A few other options are being checked out now.

Please pray for the health of the unborn twins. The mother is diabetic and it is causing stress on them.

The doctors were really concerned at her checkup yesterday.

Another gal is searching nonstop for work. Please pray for her to keep strong and be encouraged by those she’s meeting. The process has been a roller coaster. A job will be her ticket to getting her own housing.

A new referral this week in Mpls. A family of 5 plus one on the way, who has nothing in their apt except what they could put in their old van. They just moved here from the south to be closer to family and is trying to start over. Please pray for employment opportunities for the husband. We will be delivering household items and beds to them soon.

A single mom was visited unannounced last week because her phone number wasn’t working, and was found to be depressed and needing to talk. God has perfect timing and uses us when we are available. A pair of parakeets have been waiting to be matched with a family and this was the one! The woman said they will remind her of her mother in Arizona who had birds growing up. She would talk to them in the morning and wake her up. Her children are animal lovers too. The birds will bring joy to this home.

Please pray for hearts to be stirred to serve. 

Quote of the week, ” You saved my life”.