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August 25, 2007

A delivery was made to a new family who was expecting a baby any day and had almost nothing in their apartment. R&R was able to provide household items and all the basic new baby items like a crib and car seat. The family was so relieved and thankful for the help. Being pregnant and sleeping on the floor… unimaginable.

Clothing was delivered to another family in need last week. The three year old was SO excited to get her clothes. 

Our friend who was so diligently searching for work was hired!  She will be moving within walking distance from her work and is thrilled to begin. When we met her she was about to end her life and God has really been changing her and giving her hope through her Life Preserver!  Praise God!

The birds were delivered to our R&R friend and the family is thrilled. During this visit the woman shared her frustration with the schools and how they are treating her son/family differently because they are hispanic. It was eye opening to hear her story. She also talked about her religious background and is interested in bringing her kids to church. She has a goal of finishing her GED too.  Please keep her in your prayers. She is from Arizona, new to the area and lonely.

Please pray for this ministry as we jump into the fall. May hearts and hands be open and willing to serve.

Our first run of a “training” DVD is done and will be available for viewing soon!