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October 2, 2007

This past week has been packed!

The housing that we thought had found for the family in the motel fell through 2 days before the expected move in day,  but within the same day God provided an even better place!  “You are a miracle worker” was the reaction to God’s handiwork. “God knows what you need” was the response and praise was in order!  It’s been a roller coaster of ups and downs for this couple but over the weekend they settled into their new little place. A delivery was made and they are looking forward to attending church and say “through all this and all you’ve done, we’ve come back to our faith in God”.

How awesome!

A wheelchair was given to a man who is alone and is healing from a car accident. He is on his back 18 hours each day.  There was concern that the wheelchair was going to be too narrow but the man made a comment ” I hope it’s not too big so it’s easy to get around in” before this concern was mentioned!  It turned out to be a good fit!  

Out of the blue an R&R support crew member asked if we needed a compact refrigerator… this gentleman above had just requested one a few days before! 

 Two other families received moving help within the past week from our delivery crew members. 

One of which needed a washer and dryer. God provided those in a timely fashion! One was even donated and delivered by a stranger!  The other family was moving from a motel. Medical expenses due to a stroke caused them to lose their place and start over. It was so much fun to see how God pulls things together. The items given to this family came from more than 8 different families. The storage space is such a blessing for this ministry!  And how things even coordinate is unreal…

“Everything goes together…like it was coordinated or planned!” said a swimmer after setting up their place.

“You have no idea how much this means to me”… quote from the newest R&R swimmer family.

They were searching for housing and R&R began helping in the search. A solution was found within a few days and the fit is amazing!  This couple plans to attend church soon also! Renewing wedding vows were mentioned too. 

The women’s support group/bible study is currently consisting of women from our church and is having impact. God knows who needs to be there and letting go of the original idea of R&R swimmers attending for support is not an idea that has come to an end, instead we have to wait and see what God will do with the people who are coming. After all, we are all swimmers. Some of us have more struggles then others…

Please pray for one of our R&R friends who was in a car accident a few days ago and now is having chest pain.  The car was totaled and was much more valuable to him than it is worth. He delivered pizza as one of his jobs.  Please pray for his health and that his future will come together again. He had come so far!

The Lord is good. Please pray for this ministry. Thank you!