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May 11, 2008

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today the mention of the word Mother brings many thoughts. R&R has sure met a lot of single mothers who sure appreciate any connection outside the place they live.  Today, please pray for the mothers who struggle daily to meet the needs of their kids. We will be seeing more and more families making tough life choices this year. May God provide the people for this ministry to become the hands and feet of Jesus. To comfort, listen and provide hope!

Thank you to all who pray for the future of this ministry. The non-profit paperwork is underway and we feel that God is showing us and connecting us to people who will be fabulous Board members. We are in the process of meeting people with specific expertise who have shared information with us and are willing to be available for future reference in support of our efforts. Very encouraging. 

We continue to help families as this is going on. One woman desires to go to treatment and we are searching for a good fit. One man was given a bed and the delivery person was drawn to tears as the man was so proud of his horse collection which consisted of 2 horses. One of which has broken legs and he said he was planning to make a stand for it. The man had a mental disability and slept on the floor in someone’s basement room. Bedding is being delivered asap.

Our storage was moved thanks to R&R crew member on the last day of April. What a relief and blessing to have that completed. Thank you for your prayers about this too.