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June 19, 2008

Since our last entry we have become incorporated and the Board has met twice. God has brought together an excellent combination of people to move the ministry forward. Please pray as we search for one more member and an accountant. 

As this has evolved, research continues to be gathered as we meet with other people involved in organizations that help people in need.  We also have been thankful for the transition to the smaller storage area but just found out last week that the building is for sale. Currently, the space is not large enough for our furniture donations. This is another matter of prayer.  We’ll need to be prepared to move on if the building sells and the new owner has plans for it.  The good thing is we have loved the location and agree that staying close to that area is beneficial to the crew.

A woman was moved successfully and efficiently with a great crew of helpers. The whole move the lady said,”thank you so much, thank you so much for helping me”.  Other families have been touched with unconditional love from this ministry the past month. A homeless couple was delivered bikes, food,shoes and basic toiletries and were overwhelmed. A few follow ups since, there was a huge extra thanks for the shoes.  They are currently in a camper and searching for work. A poor financial decision got them in this mess. We received a call from a woman that was helped a while ago who told us “I just want to thank your church. I can’t believe complete strangers would take their time to help me.”  


Jesus asked us to help and that’s what this ministry is all about. Obeying. Gal 5:14

Thank you for your support and we surrender the future of R&R to Him who knows, provides and 

loves all!