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February 7, 2010

It’s been quite a journey over the past few months!  A huge thank you to our prayer supporters who lift up the concerns and celebrate God’s answers with us!

As many of you know, we’ve been waiting for an answer as it relates to expanding our ministry with a clothing closet.  Last week we learned that the Otto Bremer Foundation will be contributing to our effort to do this!  A huge thank you goes out to this Foundation and the other financial supporters who came through for Reach & Restore. We are praising God for his provision and have faith that because the door is open, the timing is right to go through it!

Last Friday, we signed a new lease in Hopkins and will be working on preparing it for our transition which will occur next month.  Many hands have offered to be involved and we pray many hearts will be changed along the way.

Last month we had our busiest month so far. 17 families were assisted. Another sure sign that this is God’s perfect timing for expansion.

We know how to explain why a recliner is donated and shortly thereafter there is a request for one. When it’s delivered to the recipient with degenerative back problems who says “How did you know what color my pillows were! The chair matches perfectly and I don’t ever want to get up from it! God Bless You.”

It’s a GOD thing… and without Him, what’s the point?

We point to Him.