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January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

What a beautiful end to 2009.  A dozen families were delivered help at Christmas and what a blessing to hear the stories of both the receiver and the giver.  “It is more blessed to give than receive”.

We know this New Year will bring us many new families to connect with and see how God can use something small to do something big.

“Rock On! I’m … overwhelmed.  Can you take a picture of me with this?”

“Do you remember the story of Jesus and the fish? How he had just a little bit and he multiplied it to feed many?  That’s what happened to us reminded me of.  The food that was given to us at Christmas was enough to feed our whole family at Christmas!  It was a wonderful Christmas. I wanted to tell you that I recommitted my life to the Lord too!”

“I was just sitting here wondering what I was going to do. It’s my birthday today and I was awake all night. Yesterday I was told that I got laid off.  God is so good!  Now I can sit somewhere other than my bed and sit at a table to eat!”

These are just a few of the quotes heard because people stepped outside of their world to reach another.

Thank you for contributing to Reach & Restore!